Our Team

Shane Kelly - ITS Director

Shane Kelly is an industry leading engineer with over twenty years experience on the cutting edge of the maintenance, installation and back office technology of Intelligent Traffic Systems. Shane is currently leading our team with the singular goal of becoming the market leader within the ITS industry.

Leslie Martin - ITS Engineer

Leslie Martin is a Chartered Engineer with over fifteen years of practical and academic experience in the transport, road formation and construction industries. Leslie has been the lead chartered engineer on many large scale projects in North America, Europe and Australia and as such brings a wealth of experience of both local and international standards and procedures.

Mr. Ciaran Doherty - BWIM / WIM Consultant Engineer.

Ciaran Doherty is a Chartered Engineer and Research Fellow with the Queens University, Belfast. With over a decade of practical and theoretical academic excellence Ciaran is internationally considered as an expert in the realms of Bridge Weigh In Motion research and statistical analysis. Ciarans primary focus over the last four years has seen a key focus on the Intelligent Traffic Systems and particularly on Weigh In Motion through a US/Ireland Research project.

Daniel Esmonde - WIM Project Manager.

Daniel Esmonde is a project manager with over fifteen years of experience in the construction and engineering industry. Daniel has been involved as a consultant in an external auditor and quality assurance capacity for semi state bodies both in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.