Intelligent Transport Systems

Weigh In Motion / Bridge Weigh In Motion.

WIM: The main focus in the dynamic weighing (Weigh In Motion) of vehicles is on the safety of road users, compliance with legal requirements and also the protection and long term maintenance of the traffic infrastructure. Individual items of vehicle data are recorded using axle load sensors and inductive loops in the road surface. These items of data include wheel weights, axle weights, axle group weights and overall weights of heavy vehicles.

BWIM: Bridge Weigh In Motion systems are based on the measurement of the deformation of an existing bridge, and the use of these measurements to estimate the attributes of passing traffic.

Traffic Counters

Traffic counters provide information on the volume of traffic by hour of day and vehicle class, i.e., motorcycle, car, goods vehicles distinguished by number of axles etc. with up to twelve vehicle classes being identified.

Vehicles are detected by passing over loops embedded in the road surface. It is possible from the data collected to establish the vehicle profiles and the various vehicle classes involved.

Cycle & Pedestrian Monitoring

Our systems can simultaneously monitors cyclists and pedestrians while transmitting data via GPRS / 2G / 3G / 4G. Our systems allow for the integration of cycle active information displays..

ERT Phones

The provision of Emergency Call Box (ECB) / SOS call box telephones for use by stranded motorists or people in highway emergency situations is a tried and tested method of improving public road safety records. Typically, an Emergency Roadside Telephone - ERT system will reduce serious and long term injuries by 40% over a 3 year period, by virtue of alerting incidents faster and by delivering a more appropriate emergency response.

To improve road safety, most countries worldwide also stipulates a regulatory requirement to install emergency roadside telephones.

Cycle & Pedestrian Monitoring

Istari Consulting Ltd. provide and install a wide range of professional security cameras for ITS environments and supporting equipment to meet all technical and environmental requirements.

24 Hour Service and Maintenance

Istari Consulting Ltd. provide a 24 hour servicing and maintenance option for all TMU and ITS CCTV services offered.

Over Head Vehicle Detection

The system detects overheight vehicles moving toward obstacles such as bridges, tunnels and other overhead structures and individually warn drivers.

This system primarily;
1. Reduces damage to trucks / trailers and occupant injuries.
2. Decreases damage to infrastructure.
3. Automatic notification of incident / violation.

Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs are seen on many of the countries urban transport networks and highways and can integrate easily into an existing computer network or operate independently to show travel status, manage traffic incidents and ease congestion.

Journey Time Analysis

Our solutions provide real time travel and speed information on vehicles travelling along open roads and motorways and through urban and city center areas and the concurrent data and testing which may be required thereafter, ie. blue tooth journey time analysis testing and the presentation of findings thereafter.

Automatic number plate recognition

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a technology for automatically reading vehicle number plates. It is used by law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom to help detect, deter and disrupt criminality including tackling organised crime groups and terrorists. Istari can combine the current technology with our statistical formulae to produce detailed journey time analysis.